Sugar and Violets came about several years ago, when I felt the push to begin sharing my creative ventures online with no real goal in mind, it was simply just to share. 

I made my way through many hobbies, with gemstones and essential oils grasping my heart for quite a while (and still inspiring some of my work to this day), but I never found myself about to fully settle on something that made my soul sing the way I wanted it to. Fast forward to 2017, I discovered resin while aching for a creative outlet while going through a rough time. Instantly, I was enthralled, by the colour and the process and flow. It filled me with purpose from that very first moment. 

I began sharing my art online and before I knew it, multiple people had it hanging in their homes. Unfortunately that led to a little bit of the magic being replaced with stress, worrying if my paintings would sell rather than just painting to make myself happy, and I craved a way to make mini art instead in the form of jewellery. I invested quite a lot of time and money into learning the skills I do now, trialling different mediums and developing the style I'm now quite proud of. 

Without knowing it back when I chose the name Sugar and Violets all those years ago (by brainstorming a bunch of different words and seeing what looked like it went well together), I ended up with the perfect name to encompass my brand and style. If you follow me on social media, you may see me regularly share that I'm inspired by 'earth & magic'. What I mean by this is that 'Sugar' is the magic, the resin that I use, full of sparkle and flowing ethereal colour. And 'Violets' being the earth. The clay, textured with granite, shaped and moulded with my hands into shapes and colours inspired by the world around me. 

Every day I feel grateful to have found my passion in these tiny wearable pieces of magic, and I will forever be thankful for all the amazing people I have met on the way and been so supportive.